Do I Know You?

I have this awkward, awkward quality/ability/talent to remember random details about people.

How is this awkward? Well, sometimes I “meet” people and already know their name, address, spouse, and what year their family pet died. I have to politely smile and pretend I’m not the stalker I sometimes feel like I amĀ (and remind myself God gave me this brain and this job.)

Now that I’ve been preparing so much material from the YWAM Medical Ship outreaches to the Gulf Province, I’ve started to feel as I actually know these people whose lives have been changed. I even feel as though they are my friends. I’m on first name basis with them – and they have never even met me. I refer to them like they’re the neighbour down the street… and they don’t even know that I exist.

I felt a little bit strange and silly when I realised just how dear they are to my heart. And then I realised that is the ultimate reality. Even from miles away, it is this caring about the individual that drives me to sit in an office (or home office) with my little baby playing at my feet, helping to change their lives.

So in an attempt to embrace the loveliness that is me loving them, allow me to introduce you to some of my friends



I Feel Like Dancing! Dancing!

Jared and I have NO rhythm. I’m embarrassed to say that at our wedding reception with our friends in Australia (which has gone down in history as the best YWAM Townsville dance party to date), we *might* have even done the fishing move. Yep. I flopped to Jared as he reeled me in.

Needless to say, hot moves are not a gift we will be passing onto our son.

In fact, we barely have music playing in our house. (And we DEFINITELY didn’t play music for my womb.) Baby Einstein we are not.

So that’s why it was such a mystery when Max was waving his arms around last week. Was he working on his sign language? Developing a different style greeting? Teaching himself karate?

The mystery was solved today.

We were at the YWAM Australia National Leaders Meeting and stepped out for a nappy change. Out on the deck were a group of teenagers from the Youth Street dance team. They were stoked to see Max as he had hung out with them the previous week. In fact, they were so excited, they decided to show us the new dance they were learning.

As the music played, I figured out that Max’s new moves… were his new grooves! The kid learned to dance. Between crawling and grooving he almost looks like an expert B-Boy! (Okay, more like a goofy wannabe… its definitely hilarious and adorable…)

It hit my heart right there and then (again) what a privilege it is we have to raise Max here. No, it in no way compares to family. But at the same time, he is in such a rich environment. A place where the things that Jared and I can’t teach him, there are people standing around us who are ready to jump in, love on him, share with him and teach him.

We are so grateful for each one of you who imparts not only into our lives but into our son’s. For the meaningful ways that you care for him – not just because he happens to be cute – but because he has a purpose and destiny in life and you want the very very best for him.

I’m so grateful I feel like dancing…

Don’t worry. I’ll spare you.

Dancing with Uncle Mena to JoJo's awesome tunes