It hasn’t been the best week I’ve ever experienced. Max has a cold. He’s not coping so well. We’re talking repeated meltdowns all week.

So by Friday night I certainly wasn’t in the mood to go out… but I’d made a commitment and I felt obligated.

It was the YWAM Youth Teams annual dessert night. It was important that I was there and deep down I didn’t want to miss it, but as El throw up on me just as I was about to leave, I wasn’t feeling very glamorous. A baby wipe bath and squirt of perfume later, I found myself walking into our YWAM centre alone and amazed.

I walk into this building most days but today it had been transformed into a skate park with video display of the crew… I kept walking and saw an art gallery with thoughtful items produced by teenagers… and then I was entertained by members of the sports team telling me all about their fishing escapades.

our good mate fiona leads the hip hop crew as they show off some of the skills they've been working on.

But that was just the beginning. As the night went on, I was genuinely inspired by heaps of 12-17 year olds. I know what we do with Youth Street. Heck, they’re in my backyard every Saturday. I write grant applications for them. I even helped give a few tips on the event they threw last night.

But sometimes, I forget. I forget what it means to those kids. I forget that it totally changes their lives. I forget that its a lifeline, a defining relationship, sometimes one that shapes them for the future in a way that they look back and say, “I am who I am because of _<insert the name of one of our amazing staff>__.”

And last night I remembered. I remembered and I was proud and privileged and grateful. Proud of the team who makes it happen every week. Privileged that I get to play a part. And grateful that I got to hear about these amazing young lives that have been radically impacted.

As I listened to a mother stand next to her teenage son and share about the change she’s seen him, my eyes welled up with tears as I remembered that my sleeping toddler may have some challenging days, but even weeks like this are only preparing him for his future… for the impact he’s going to make in life.

Motherhood…ministry…it can be tough… but today, amidst the challenges, I feel re-inspired.


I Feel Like Dancing! Dancing!

Jared and I have NO rhythm. I’m embarrassed to say that at our wedding reception with our friends in Australia (which has gone down in history as the best YWAM Townsville dance party to date), we *might* have even done the fishing move. Yep. I flopped to Jared as he reeled me in.

Needless to say, hot moves are not a gift we will be passing onto our son.

In fact, we barely have music playing in our house. (And we DEFINITELY didn’t play music for my womb.) Baby Einstein we are not.

So that’s why it was such a mystery when Max was waving his arms around last week. Was he working on his sign language? Developing a different style greeting? Teaching himself karate?

The mystery was solved today.

We were at the YWAM Australia National Leaders Meeting and stepped out for a nappy change. Out on the deck were a group of teenagers from the Youth Street dance team. They were stoked to see Max as he had hung out with them the previous week. In fact, they were so excited, they decided to show us the new dance they were learning.

As the music played, I figured out that Max’s new moves… were his new grooves! The kid learned to dance. Between crawling and grooving he almost looks like an expert B-Boy! (Okay, more like a goofy wannabe… its definitely hilarious and adorable…)

It hit my heart right there and then (again) what a privilege it is we have to raise Max here. No, it in no way compares to family. But at the same time, he is in such a rich environment. A place where the things that Jared and I can’t teach him, there are people standing around us who are ready to jump in, love on him, share with him and teach him.

We are so grateful for each one of you who imparts not only into our lives but into our son’s. For the meaningful ways that you care for him – not just because he happens to be cute – but because he has a purpose and destiny in life and you want the very very best for him.

I’m so grateful I feel like dancing…

Don’t worry. I’ll spare you.

Dancing with Uncle Mena to JoJo's awesome tunes