We Walk to Remember.

We did something simple last Sunday. Simple, but significant.

We took a family walk. It wasn’t a big deal. We probably would’ve done it anyway. But we wouldn’t have worn matching tshirts… that part was to remind us of the significance.

All dressed for our walk.

Across a little ocean called the Pacific, on the shores of California, my family all got together to take a walk too… for a special lady we call Ado.

Team Adorama

I have fond memories of visiting Ado in Newport Beach and later in Hawaii as a child. I suppose in some ways you could say she gave us a pretty great excuse to take a family vacation at an awesome tropical destination.

Since I’ve grown, she is one of the greatest champions of us nieces and nephews as we have our babies. She keeps current pictures of them rotating on the infamous Marble Top Table and frames their watercolours for her wall. She is arguably their greatest fan.

A few of Ados favourite walking babies and their moms (my cousins!)

And that’s why we wanted to take the day to cheer her on.

Ado has had arthritis since I can remember. It has been incredibly physically dehabilitating, and even though you don’t hear her complain, I can only imagine the quiet sorrow and sacrifice it has caused through the years. Oh, she makes the most of it, let me tell you… but we all know that you can only make the most of it after counting the cost in your heart… and there is cost. Much cost.

So we walked in hope of a cure. We walked to bond. We walked to remember the hard part of Ado’s life, not just the sweet aunty who teaches the babies to paint. We walked for relief… for hope… for a cure.

Donations were collected for this event and I’m amazed to say that over $5000 was raised by Team Adorama. I’m sure the National Arthritis Society would not say no to more! 🙂 Click here to give.