We Cannot WAIT To Meet This Guy!

Believe it or not, in the midst of floods and cyclones and first birthday parties, we’ve been making preparations to take our first family trip to Papua New Guinea.

I know, I know! “Taking a toddler on that ship for weeks on end?! What are you thinking?!”

Well, we’re thinking we’ve invested a lot into this ship and we really want to be a part of the business end of this hunk o’ metal! On top of that, I’ve had a deep, deep love of PNG since my first visit at age 19, and Jared has a heap of friends he’s looking forward to seeing from his first advance trip now a couple of years ago… and this ship could actually use some of our help!

Besides, we do what we do as a family, and we’re super eager to show Max what he’s been a part of – to have from his earliest memories the experiences of helping others, learning about other cultures, and being okay with sleeping in a tiny bed and taking 2 minute showers and doing one load of laundry a week. (I actually wish for this many weeks, but somehow I don’t think this is exactly how I anticipated my wish being granted!!)

Honestly, when you meet some of the people we’re looking forward to meet, you will understand… it really is the least we could do! A few weeks (our itinerary isn’t quite confirmed) really isn’t much when you see what those weeks will most definitely equate to. We can’t wait to meet this guy (and maybe some of his friends):


Celebrate with us…

So, here it is… the start of an amazing journey. Our first outreach onboard the YWAM Medical Ship in PNG.

No words.

Just enjoy.