No One Likes to Sit Next to a Crying Baby

My travel buddy

I was expecting dread, dirty looks, the evil eye, and not-so-subtle sighing.

So imagine my surprise when after 13 hours in the air in a small and confined space, I was greeted instead by… reliefdelightsmiles… and statements of overwhelming gratitude for my awesome parenting (which I refer to as “luck” and “the grace of God”)?

Evidently, no one likes sitting next to a crying baby. But when the baby doesn’t cry (at all!), people are very very happy. I mean, SERIOUSLY happy. Its like their dread gives way to a waterfall of gratitude and joy.

My little Max is an exceptional traveller.

Overall our trip, was amazing. Profitable. Insightful. Worth it.

We met some amazing people – like these guys, who run a garment factory in Cambodia where people who have been trafficked can have a paying job and rehabilitation services. And  these guys – who ship medical supplies all around the world… and maybe even to Papua New Guinea?!

And we launched the very first Not For Sale DTS. Anyone know someone with 6 months to change the world? Send ’em our way!

We were reminded of the 27 million people around the world who live in slavery. The ones who are making products that you and I get at bottom bucket bargain prices…

Maybe that whole underground railroad, abolition thing isn’t quite over yet.

We don’t want to be radical. We want to be smart.
We don’t want to be condemning. We want to be responsible.
We don’t want to be naive. We want to seek truth.

We’re not hopping on the bandwagon… we’re asking questions… learning… and remembering that the whole “set the captives free” thing is a bit more literal that we realised… but way too important to ignore.


Thickening My Skin

Let’s face it. I’m not the first to do this and I certainly won’t be the last.

But for me? This is an adventure. An unknown. Something that could go really really good… or really really… ummm… adventurous.

Tomorrow I board a plane… (done that before)

with my baby… (done that too)

without my husband… (yes, done that as well)

for a 13 hour flight… (no, haven’t done this combo before!)

If Max was one of those sleepy babies, I’d be smokin’… but he’s not. He’s one of those life of the party kinda kids… and there is every chance in the world he will want to party for the entire 13 hours surrounded by all kinds of weird and wonderful people!

But I’m doing it.

And I’m doing it for something a lot greater than me.

We’re heading to the Global Forum on Human Trafficking. We’re only in the country for three days. That means that we’ll be travelling almost as much as we’ll be staying put.

But you know what? Our exhaustion will no where near compare to the people we will be learning about.

The ones who get taken from their mommys and daddys and put on big planes and into dark rooms with selfish men who have their way with them…

The ones we just might get to help save.

Our time… our sleep… yes, even our sanity… is well worth the lives of these precious ones.

In the words of my doctor, I’m bracing myself for the humiliation of a crying baby on a big plane and thickening my skin so I’m not bothered by the glaring looks just in case he decides  to keep them awake… and getting ready to go hard core for three days… (thanks to Julia and Amy for watching their little nephew!)…

Because I – no WE – are getting ready ready to save some lives…

And we are going to laugh and enjoy every minute of it!

Have Baby... Will Travel

Let Freedom Ring

Even though Max isn’t legally an American yet, we celebrated 4th of July this weekend. It was so nice to have Jared home and with us again. The world is as it should be again! I think part of Max knew he was gone. He just kept looking at him with these huge smiles and then look at me as if to say, “He’s here! He’s really, really here!” before looking back at his daddy and breaking out into more massive smiles.

The boy is in love with his daddy.

So in love with this daddy...

We celebrated by going to one of our favourite family destinations – Bunnings – to spend a gift certificate on some gardening items. In a tribute to freedom, Max got to ride in the Bunnings cart for the first time. He loved it. He loved eating it even more.

Newfound Freedom

We also honoured freedom by having dinner with David Batstone, author of the book Not For Sale.

An estimated 27 million people around the globe suffer from slavery. After illegal drug sales and arms trafficking, human trafficking is today the third most profitable criminal activity in the world, generating $31 billion annually. As many as half of all those trafficked worldwide for sex and domestic slavery are children under 18 years of age.

We are so excited to have David and his team here for a few days to share with us his findings and help us get better equipped to address  modern day slavery here in Australia and in the nations we reach out to.

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy 4th!