Happy Easter


Like Father, Like Son… My Handsome Stars

Just a couple of weeks ago, someone pulled this piece of gold out of the archives:

Yep, that’s Jared, our good friend Anna, and sweet baby Michael¬†all dressed up as Mary, Joseph and Jesus way back before Jared & I ever even met. It was such a sweet memory and made us extra excited for Stable on the Strand, Townsville’s Christmas Festival, which we love to help with every year.

It also made this just a bit more sweet… if you follow our Facebook page, you’d know I was a typical mom… smitten by our little shepherd boy as he and I dressed up in Bethlehem garb to play with other kids and the animals and tell them about Baby Jesus (who happened to be in a Stable just a few market stalls away from us in our re-created Bethlehem village).

Apparently, our local newspaper was also smitten:

BLESSED: Little Shepherd Max Hoover, 1, Gets Into the Christmas Spirit

We are blessed indeed.