We Fail and We Succeed

I totally failed yesterday. I missed it big time. I could’ve made a new friend and instead I introduced myself to a stranger and left her stranded.

We were at story time at the library and El was hungry, but I couldn’t resist smiling at a gorgeous young mum with a rounded belly and a little boy at her heels as we walked out the door.

“When are you due?” I asked and she glowed as she responded saying that she was 38 weeks, scheduled for a c-section in two weeks, but was feeling like it might need to be sooner, maybe even later that day!

My hands were full with library books, a chubby hand, and a hungry baby but I smiled in excitement and said, “OH! Congratulations! I hope it all goes well.”

Even though I was stepping toward the car, she wanted to know where my accent was from and tell me that she was Malaysian and had family in America and had only moved here two weeks ago but she’d be back at story time next week and would we be too?

I smiled and said I only knew one Malaysian in America and best wishes again with the baby and we have something next week but maybe the week after? We’d look forward to seeing her new little one.

It wasn’t until I was a couple of kilometeres down the road that I realised what she’d said. They only moved here two weeks ago. All her family was overseas. This was her first attempt to make friends. And she might be having her second baby… today.

All of the things I could’ve should’ve would’ve done flipped through my head. Sure, I’m busy changing the world, but I have time to make a meal or host a play date or just be the new friend on the other end of the phone!?

But I missed it. I wanted to drive back to the library and find her and tell her or do something but the moment was gone and so was she.

I’m sure I won’t be so quick to miss it next time.

And I’m glad that my good mate didn’t miss it.

Even as I was at the library, she was in a village in PNG and she too was meeting a new mum with a tiny baby. Only this mum had tuberculosis and couldn’t feed her baby. When mums in this part of the world can’t feed their babies they don’t run down to the store and pick up some formula. Either the women in the village help feed the baby… or the child dies.

The women weren’t helping. They were afraid they’d get TB. But my girl new better…

With her own gorgeous baby on board, she took time to express some of her milk to feed this tiny little one… and even helped the other women in the village learn to do it as well. So far, they are all helping to feed this tiny life.

Even as I kicked myself for my little oversight, I rejoiced in the beauty of my friend giving life in such a gorgeous way. We women can feel so stretched and pressured, or even insecure and unsure, but the reality is, we have SO much to offer one another. So glad i can share in the joy of my friend’s success and have a precious reminder to take up the opportunities as they come my way!

Newborn Baby Joel, the first patient on the YWAM ship for 2012! Photo courtesy of Anna Scott/YWAM Medical Ships


The Tiny Ways My Life Has Changed

My life has changed just a tiny bit in the past year:

1. Tiny spoons cluttering my cutlery drawer.

2. Tiny multi-coloured food cubes stacked in my freezer.

3. Tiny jeans hanging on my washing line.

4. Tiny shoes that walk (or stroll) along beside me.

5. Tiny cars brrm brrming around me.

Today, I’m especially grateful for this tiny thing.


I’m thankful for…

  1. friends who take an extra day off of work just to hang out
  2. friends who drive long distances just for a visit
  3. cousins who make each other laugh
  4. realising that the one hour visit has turned into an entire afternoon
  5. telling the kids “just 15 more minutes to play” about 17,000 times
  6. potluck lunches with a plethora of casseroles
  7. windows to watch the snow and fireplaces & quilts to keep us cozy
  8. board books and toy cars
  9. the $1 bins at target
  10. country churches and their genuine people

Its been a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

I love babies.

I love babies. I just do. I love chubby babies. I love skinny babies.

I love silly babies. I love sweet babies.

And don’t tell their mamas… but I even love crying babies.

Since becoming a mom, I love babies even more than I ever did before. And not just my own although he is my absolute favourite baby. I love babies and I love how much they must be loved by their own mamas. Because even though my great love for them pales in comparison to the pounding of my heart I feel with my Max, I am so happy that they have a mama who thinks they’re the cutest, smartest, greatest baby she’s ever known.

Just like my Max.

Who never ceases to humour me and melt me and love love love me.

So here, for all you who like babies are a few pictures of Max’s last couple of months as recorded by Mommy’s phone.

I love babies who move too fast for the camera…

Catch me if you can!

I love babies who play in the bathtub…

Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

I love babies who cannot resist making themselves part of the party…

I know you adore me!

I love babies who are obsessed with babies…

Uncle Iv, is that you??

I love babies who need that extra cuddle when their first teeth start coming through…

Hold me a little longer mama?

I love curious babies…

What IS that thing!?

I love ghetto babies…

Is that "Eye of the Tiger" I hear in the background?!

I love baby feet…

safe and secure

I love babies who pass out in their car seats…


I love babies who are absolutely obsessed with the bathtub…

Ready or not I'm coming in!

I love baby ant-hunters…

Where'd it go mom? Check under your hand, darling!

I love babies who climb stairs…

Let's face it. This one pretty much went straight to video instead of camera.

I love babies who play on their knees…

All in a day's work

I love babies who look more like men some days…

You take a bite out of daddy's phone. I'll have a bite of yummy you.

I love busy babies…

I climbed and got it all myself!

I love babies who can’t get enough of their daddys…

I know you're out there! How do I unlock this thing to come and get ya!?

I love babies who think their mamas are soooo funny…

i love you mama!

Oh, and can someone please tell me how to cope with this constant growing business? It just. goes. too. fast.