Join Our Team

Looking for a way to get involved in what we do? There are three main ways you can help!


  1. Tell your friends about what we’re doing by linking up an interesting story or video you read on this site on Facebook.
  2. Tell God about what we’re doing. Okay, of course He knows!! But this is our cheeky way of saying – we need your prayers!!! BIG TIME!!
  3. Tell your church or home group and ask them to get involved!


  1. Give a donation to help make a difference. We have people who give once and people who partner monthly or annually. GIVE NOW
  2. Give an encouraging word… we love getting mail! And we can’t get enough of it!
  3. Give life to someone in PNG. You can donate directly to the project instead of to us. GIVE NOW


Or should we say COME??

  1. Come mission build with us and help with one of Jared’s development projects so we can help train and equip more people to assist with the mission! SIGN UP NOW
  2. Come to Papua New Guinea as an allied health professional, marine professional, or with a heart to serve. SIGN UP NOW
  3. Come and do a Discipleship Training School – if you’re between 18-35 we can (almost) guarantee this will be the best six months of you life. It was for us! SIGN UP NOW