About Us

Wisconsin farm boy meets California girl at a fair dinkum Aussie barbie (as in barbecue… the thing you throw another shrimp onto), fall in love fishing on an Australian beach, get married in a California garden, drink fresh cow’s milk at a kickin party in country Wisconsin and then have the cutest little babies in the world. (Yes, we are very biased.)

As romantic as it all sounds, this is our real life. Sometimes it hard to believe the dream we’re living. There has been joy. There has been sacrifice. But mostly there has been a whole lot of fun.

We are Jared, Rebekah, Max and Elianna and we work as full time volunteers at YWAM in Townsville. We work hard. We play hard. We live to change lives. We miss our families in America gut wrenchingly (truly, sometimes its all twisted in one, sad, I-miss-you-knot)… but we know the journey that we’re on is worth it.

We couldn’t do what we do without a huge team. We have friends, family, churches, and a few very kind strangers who believe in what we are doing and sponsor us to be here. We are often amazed to understand how we are able to do what we do. But we are grateful. Very, very grateful.

This is our space to share a little bit about what we do volunteering with YWAM in Townsville, Australia. Mostly, its a way to keep connected with friends and family about where we are up to. In fact, if you’re really interested. You can ask to be added to our newsletter, which is more private and has a bit more detail.

Welcome to our journey.

Feel free to stay a while.