Australians, All Let Us Rejoice!

Our dual citizenship feels a bit more real this year as we have the opportunity to vote in … four elections this year:

  1. Australia State Elections
  2. Australia Federal Elections
  3. Australia Local Elections (city council)
  4. US Presidential Elections

We love to vote. Call us silly… patriotic… pathetic… whatever. We love the small parts we can play to influence the countries we love and are a part of.

So, true to the Australian national anthem, we were rejoicing today as we went to the polls and participated in our very first Australian election!

votes not boats!

Unfortunately, Max wasn’t rejoicing quite as much. Somehow he thought that we said we were going to go “boat” not “vote.” Fair enough. For a kid his size, a boat would be far more exciting that standing in a long line, writing on a piece of paper, and dropping it in a box.

Some of the things I enjoyed about this election? You actually get to rank your candidates in order of who you’d want. That way, if there’s a little-known person running for office who you really like, you don’t feel like you’re throwing your vote away.

What I didn’t like? No “I Voted” sticker. I love those things! Makes me feel like a proud patriotic citizen all day. But I guess in a nation where you get fined if you don’t vote, a sticker is probably a bit redundant. Oh well! Maybe we’ll get one with our absentee ballot for the US election this year!! 😉

Either way, we’re praying for the best outcome and wisdom for all the leaders put into office today.

“In history’s page, let every stage advance Australia fair!”


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