He’s In Love

max "meets" his little sister via text message minutes after she was born... and immediately goes to give her kisses.

I’ll never forget the look on his face as he nervously, excitedly, and purposefully walked up to his baby sister – his “Baby Anna” – and I watched my baby boy become a big brother.

He kissed her. He cuddled her. And he spontaneously broke out into “Happy Birthday” all right there in the hospital room.

be still my beating heart!

“Happy Da-ay, Babyanna!”

He gets the giggles looking at her, runs to fetch her nappies, asks for her the first thing when he wakes up, insists on kissing her goodnight, sings “Jesus loves me” when she gets upset, and at every little move she makes during a nap informs me “Babyanna awake.”

He is in love.

And I’m in love with him more as I watch him nurture and care for this precious little girl.

She “watches” him play with his toys and he holds her while we read bedtime stories. It almost feels like she’s always been here.


He must really like her because just yesterday he pointed to my tummy and said, “More babyanna please?” Later I asked him how many kids we had and he said, “Two kids…” followed quickly by a cheeky, “MORE kids!!!!” I asked him how many kids we should have in our house and he promptly replied, “Nine kids!”

Hmmm… not so sure about that one, dude!

our little loves


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