I’m So Proud of Her

My mom came to visit.

I was a little panicked when our girl hadn’t arrived and her flight was pending. I was convinced I’d go early (or at least earlier) this time and she booked her ticket for four days after my due date on our hunch. Woops.

Or maybe hallelujah?

While she was planning to arrive after Elianna’s birth, the four days she spent with just Max and I may have just been divine. We didn’t do much – long walks on the beach, eating candy, feeding the ducks… but boy did we get some quality time. And more than that, I was so blessed to watch my mom be a grandma.

buddies ... linking this photo in with the paper mama photo "green" photo challenge

He calls her Nani… all 7 of them do… and even though I’ve seen my mom hold my boy many times before, and play with her other 5 grandkids for the past 5 years… it did something to my heart to see her with my Max now that he’s growing up.

They tickled and giggled and ran like mad men through the park as I waddled behind. She read stories with voices and picked up him and crawled on the ground with him.

she's soooo funny

And as I watched them play and laugh all I could think was, “Man… she is SUCH a cool grandma.”

I don’t know if you’re allowed to be proud of your mom but it must be possible because my heart was bursting at the seams with pride at how amazing she is – this woman who “gave up” her childhood to raise me from 18 years old.

I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have on the other side of me as I welcomed my own little girl into the world.

And wouldn’t you know we still had four days to spare at the end of her trip to soak in that newborn scent and melt into your chest snuggles.

I wish she didn’t have to go… but my memories of this trip will be some of my most significant. I think that it goes the same for Max too!


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