Two Is Due

Max turned two and our little one is due.

There was a time I worried about our baby girl coming on the same day as her big bro. Now, that the celebrations are over, I just want her to get here.

But that said, we have had fun celebrating two!

our boy is two

One was special – a rite of passage – but two is thrilling. Jared and I stayed up late the night before Max’s birthday like giddy toddlers ourselves, blowing up balloons, stringing streamers, and piecing together his gift – an art easel we found in the post-Christmas sales and have had hiding under the bed… not just because like to celebrate (although we do) but because we knew just how exciting he’d find it!

favourite breakkie muffins

In the morning as he busted through a wall of balloons, we knew it was all worth it. I love making life special for my family and though there are days that the tears outnumber the giggles, I love life with a toddler – the way every little thing seems so exciting…

Like a birthday party with his best bud, Levi. Levi’s parents graciously offered to throw a party for the boys knowing that we were a bit preoccupied with surgery and a baby due to arrive any day. And boy did they do a great job! We had so much fun celebrating these boys who are only a week and a half apart.

We are so proud of our Maxy-moo and so excited for all this next year has to offer. Oh, and hoping potty training is as easy as many have said that it is. 🙂


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