My Tropical Christmas Wish

Is there any better time to finish writing Christmas cards in the tropics than during a downpour? Since most of you have never experienced Christmas in the sweltering heat, much less 30 weeks pregnant in the sweltering heat, let me assure you that there is not!

The wet season has come late this year and while I have tried to be grateful for the chance to finish things off on the ship, and avoid the extreme humidity (and subsequent swelling), this morning’s rain was a taste of what I’m secretly waiting and wishing for this Christmas… days and days of pouring rain and light relief from the heat.

Other than that, we’ve had a near perfect start to the season. And a season it is. I’ll relish as long as I can to have every shop front and home declaring the glorious wonder of that little Baby who came to earth.

We’re enjoying the pleasure of Christmas at home – with our decorations and our traditions – along with the company of family. Jared’s sister Amy is here visiting and his dad even surprised us by turning up a few days later.

Its been an action-packed week and if Aunt Amy isn’t up in the morning, Max can be found knocking on her door, “AAAAA-MYYYYYY!” Yep, I think he likes them.

Of course we miss the cold. And we miss the rest of the family. And we have to pump the aircon just to enjoy the feeling of hot cocoa in PJ’s… but that’s okay too.

We went to our first Christmas party of the year last night and my heart swelled with pride watching Max decorate his cookie. His first hand-made dough ornament is hanging in the most prominent spot on the tree with “Max 2011” written on the back.

I’ve always thought dough ornaments were hideous… until now. Now, its my favourite part of the tree and I’m sure it will hang there for years to come.

So from this hot, rainy living room to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you truly enjoy and experience the season for all that it means.

Love, the hoovers


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