Making Friends and Memories

Last week we headed to Tahlee, NSW, a beautiful retreat centre with an amazing Christian heritage on the coast, for YWAM’s National Leaders Meeting.

On the beautiful NSW coast... 26 or 27 weeks with the little honey...

This year ended a bit more full than we anticipated and after two months of hard work on the ship (early mornings, late nights, and weekends), Jared especially was ready for a bit of a break for the first time this year.

And what a break it was! Of course there were a few responsibilities to take care of, and a party to plan to celebrate Ken & Robyn for their 24 years in YWAM, but we thoroughly enjoyed mornings of worship and teaching and afternoons to connect with other friends and families around Aus, Asia, and the Pacific.

Boat ride with Daddy

It was especially fun for Max as he attended the kids program every day. The team leading were fabulous (in fact, three were DTS students from Townsville who we… and he… adore), but little did we know that all week long they were learning about creation. I had little tears in my eyes as they presented the week’s art project. I think mommyhood will only get more special from here…


We loved watching Max with his new friends, listening to his growing Aussie accent, and of course, seeing him grow wide-eyed at the “hop-hops” that were absolutely everywhere… our little kangaroo hunter! 🙂

It truly is a season of thankfulness and as we get ready to celebrate the year with the YWAM centre and plan our own Thanksgiving celebration with friends, we are really grateful for a wonderful week in Tahlee!


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