I Hate Buts…

We had a great meeting with our new infectious disease doctor, and yes it feels kind of cool to be able to say we have an infectious disease doctor. I mean, as long as we have to be in a situation like this, might as well feel like we’ve been in the presence of Dr. House, right!?

He was again a wonderful doctor and we were really grateful that he took ample time to answer all of our questions, affirm our parenting, and do his best to empower us to make good decisions.

Our favourite comment he made was that Atypical TB always goes away on its own.

Umm… HELLO!? Why didn’t anyone tell us that earlier!? I guess its because our “Dr. House” happened to be on holiday when we were asked to see him a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, this was also followed by a but… (I hate buts…) okay, several buts…

  • It may take an indefinite amount of time (possibly¬†into his teenage years…)
  • It may continue to grow & multiply (to the size of a baseball…)
  • And it may start oozing (to drain and heal…)
Everything else we knew he reaffirmed…
  • Surgery is the best treatment option. (Our surgeon wants to avoid that as long as we can do to the risk of paralysis in his face)
  • Antibiotics are really harsh (And he would prefer Max doesn’t continue longer than this month as it is really dangerous for the liver)
So what does this all mean?
  • Max continues to be monitored monthly to determine whether the lumps are growing or multiplying. (The good news is while they haven’t shrunken at all, they don’t appear to be growing or multiplying anymore!)
  • We continue to pray that God heals our little man and a potential paralyzing surgery is not necessary and act on the wisdom He gives us to help him fight this infection.

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