Post-Surgery Pathology Report

I realise that between my update on our hospital stay regarding Max’s initial release after surgery and the update after our recent visit with his surgeon, that I left out one small update… the results of his first surgery!

Forgive me, I’ve been a bit… busy… as of late.

I’m slipping in a pre-dated post for anyone who is curiously scrolling through old posts because I keep getting emails asking about it! 🙂

The 4cm x 5cm mass that was taken out of Max’s neck tested positive for staph infection.

While staph is quite common, it is a bit of a wonder as to how it got there since he never had a cut on his neck. We were quite pleased to hear the surgeon say (at the time) that this is literally the best possible outcome under the circumstances. When we learned that an internal staph infection that gets into the blood can be quite deadly, we were very relieved it had been removed.

Max still has several lumps, which they hope will diminish with antibiotics. The surgeon will continue monitoring Max’s progress next month…

They are actually still testing for some other things that take longer (often months) to culture. If any of them come back positive, we are assured that the Australian Government is probably more concerned than we are and we will get a phone call asking us to rush him to hospital immediately. (Hooray for more isolation room and doctors who are dressed like astronauts!)

Thanks for praying for our boy! 🙂


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