And Just Like That… Our Hospital Adventure is Over… for now.

Wednesday morning, the nurses told us to be ready to stay another day or two at the hospital. Lab results would take at least the rest of the day and we would be in isolation… still.

We packed toys and crayons and colouring books, ready to make the most of our time in the isolation room.

And that’s why we were so surprised with the nurse came in around 10am and told us we would be discharged soon!

The initial lab results came back negative for some of the scary infectious diseases they were concerned about from our visit to PNG and the rest of the results would take 2-3 days… so… we could wait at home!

We were stoked. We got Max’s drain taken out, his cannula taken out, and all kinds of exciting stuff and happily came home.

He has been an absolute little bundle of joy and energy.

We are wondering whether all of the puss that was surrounding the cyst was causing him a lot more pain than he had communicated because while he has always been an energetic kid, he just seems that bit more happy.

Or maybe, like his mom and dad, he’s just feeling a bit lighter on his feet with gratefulness…

Next week we will meet with the consulting paediatric surgeon again, discuss the remainder of the pathology findings, and decide whether to take out the remainder of the growth.

We’re quite hopeful and secure that this will probably be the end, but at the same time – as we mentioned in our last prayer requests, feel very stirred by God to pray that they do not miss anything important during the pathology or upcoming exams. We definitely want this to be over for good.

We have felt so absolutely loved and carried and supported through this entire process. Thank you to so many who have gone above and beyond in prayer or practically to care for our family. We certainly are grateful!!


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