The Birthday Cake I (Almost) Didn’t Have

What is it about girlfriends? How they sometimes know what you need better than you do?

My birthday was amazing this year, right from the moment my precious little brown-eyed boy brought me a gift bag with the biggest smile a girl could imagine, followed by his brown-eyed daddy with a plate of breakfast in bed.

I didn’t expect it to be a good day and I told Jared not to do anything. I was anticipating doctors appointments and details about our upcoming fundraiser.

And when the news hit me on that morning that Max was going to need surgery soon, it was all I could do to make it through the day without crying – not because he’s not okay but because of the sadness any mother would feel for her child to go through something like that – much less finalise the events of tomorrow.

So when it came to the end of the day, I was feeling loved but ready to process the day’s emotions in a hot bath, preferrably with the tears I’d been supressing all day.

But just before I got in, there was a knock on the door… and another… and another…

And one by one the girls showed up… some with their cozy pajamas hugging their pregnant bellies, others with frayed ponytails and tired work shirts after an extra long day at the office (covering my fair share of the work, no doubt)… each with somthing in her hands… a card… flowers… baked goods…

A spontaneous gathering not just to celebrate a birthday but to celebrate friendship – the kind of friendship that makes the world seem okay even when your tempted to believe its starting to crumble around you.

With brownies and ice cream, how could it not be okay, right?

I thought I needed tears, but that night, I needed to laugh. And laugh we did… I am so so grateful for the way God gives us community to enjoy one another, to strengthen one another, and to celebrate one another.

PS – We find out more about Max tomorrow morning when we see the paediatric surgeon! Thanks for your prayers!


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Cake I (Almost) Didn’t Have

  1. Oh, I forgot. And we have the same birth month! I blame FB for not reminding me. Completely. I’m glad you have the friends who remember. I’ll be one of them next year 😉

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