Praying for our Maxy Moo

What we thought started as a simple swollen gland has culminated over the past three months to today… when we found out our little boy will be having surgery on Tuesday.

We went through all of the standard procedures way back when we first noticed that little golf ball on the side of his neck… after watching it for a while and trying some home remedies, we talked to a doctor and after two rounds of antibiotics, there was still no improvement.

Blood tests were next and I can’t tell you how sad it was to hold my baby down with another nurse while they took three vials… or how happy it was to hear all was normal.

But after a series of ultrasounds monitoring this little (but kinda big) mystery bulging out of his neck, it has been determined that it is some type of abnormal cyst which needs to be removed… quickly.

Our surgery has been booked for Tuesday morning at 8:30 at Townsville General Hospital.

We’re sad. And we’re grateful.

We’ve been praying for Max to be well and were anticipating another game of hurry up and wait as we were referred to a paediatric surgeon. Although we have been assured all the time, that they are not keen to cut open little kids, all three doctors who have evaluated Max over the past few months are now quite eager to see that lump gone… and to hopefully figure out a little bit more about what it is and how deep it goes as it penetrates further than the ultrasound can see.

It was quite the miracle and clever handling of our family doctor to get Max in to the best paediatric surgeon in town… all through our public health system and at no financial burden to us. It happened in 15 minutes and she is even taking part of her scheduled holiday off to track with our little family over this journey.

Who loves doctors who are not only smart but also compassionate, tenacious and full of faith? We do.

Our job today is to learn how to prepare for pre-op and post-op. Our only indication is that we will be in hospital for 3-4 days but we are eager to confirm that and get a bit more detail.

In the mean time, although underlined with gratefulness, our emotions are sometimes reeling and our mind is tempted to ask some of those scary what ifs… When I woke up this morning at 4am after a bad dream I asked God, “This is not just an average sickness. As a mother, when am I allowed to worry?”

His quick and oh so good yet challenging response?

“Be anxious for NOTHING. But in EVERYTHING… with prayer and thanksgiving… let your requests be made known to ME.”


Will you join us in giving thanks?

Thanks for the wisdom that God has given thus far to the doctors. Thanks that Max has been relatively well through all of this. Thanks that Jared & I have one another and so many wonderful friends and family to help us journey (it truly has bonded us in a unique way!) Thanks that the appointment came up so quickly.

And will you join us in making a request?

That Max’s health would continue to be stable leading up to this operation. That they would find everything quickly and it would be far enough away from the major blood vessels, etc, which are dangerously close at the moment. That we would have the wisdom to walk him through this in a way that meets his needs and somehow instills faith in him as well. That we would bring life and gratitude and hope to the many more doctors and nurses we are about to engage with. And that we would continue to walk in the peace that the Father is lavishing on us.


12 thoughts on “Praying for our Maxy Moo

  1. Read your words darling Niece. Know how challenging this must be, but was happy to see the mental discipline you are showing….keeping your mind and vision on what you want….and off of what you don’t want. The Bible is full of such references….”think on these things”….
    That is what we will do from our family in So. Cali. Knowing Max is perfect, whole and complete, cradled in God’s loving arms, protected, calm, safe and secure, as are both of his loving parents. Having Faith, that we are.
    sending love and hugs and kisses to all three of you. Peace be still and KNOW that HE is GOD. xoxox

  2. Rebekah, I just read this to GG & Papa. We’re praying for you, Jared, Max, the doctors, nurses, and the friends who are with you now and will be with you next Tuesday (Monday here) and thereafter. Love for all of us, Ado.

  3. We will be praying in the knowledege that our Lord knows all that is going on and that He will grant you the peace, strength, and wisdom that is needed, in exact portions as they are needed. Trusting in His grace and love that Max is completely whole and that this will be but yet another one of God’s great blessings in disguise.
    Love you guys!!!!

  4. Rebekah and Jared,so sorry about Max! God loves our children BIGGER and BETTER than we do.Praying for complete healing for Max and God’s peace for the three of you.ALWAYS in our heart and prayers. Love you guys!!!!! Cal- Lena

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  6. Bless you, guys. Thanks for sharing this, Rebekah, and I/we will be praying for Max and you and Jared. Grace to you all in this time and will be trusting for God’s healing and life over little Max. Love, Jill

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