A Short Update…

Well, it seems there’s been a miscommunication with our doctor and the hospital and Max’s appointment on Tuesday will be a pre-op consultation with the paediatric surgeon at the hospital and we don’t have a surgery date yet.

The good news is, this means that there is still a small possibility that there many a less-evasive option available to us, which we would LOVE.

Just so you know how to pray!! 🙂

We are feeling the love for our boy… thanks so much for standing with our family!


One thought on “A Short Update…

  1. Great to hear the update! It would be weird to go straight into surgery without a consult first – very glad to hear that’s the plan. And then… I really do hope they will just find a way to get that thing out. “Dangerous” or not… it just doesn’t belong there! Needs to go!!! I hope your appointment will be straight forward, that the doctor will be thorough, gentle, and kind, and that if surgery is necessary you’ll be able to get booked in quickly and get it all over and done with. Still praying! xx

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