Renewable Energy

This weekend we found ourselves at the Townsville EcoFiesta and Lifestyle Expo on Green Living… or something like that.

Mostly, we love hitting up this gorgeous park called Queens Gardens and browsing some local innovations while listening to some folky tones from local musicians like our friends Woje… and getting free stuff.

But we’re also keen to put our hands on the roof painted with special paint to resist the heat, and entertain the comments of my observant teenage brother on the irony of the place he’s just come from is all about conserving heat… NOT repelling it.

Uncle Luke is here.

We couldn’t be happier.

And even though we did learn our share of energy and water saving tips, our energy was renewed in a different way too.

The, sort of way.

The, i’ sort of way.

The, sort of way.

I left home when my brother was just older than my son. And now he’s 14 and travelled half way around the world on his own to hang with us. Awesome. And though our energy levels have hit level, we’ve also been renewed in a deep, soulful sort of way.




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