The Sweetest Home, Sweet Home

Did we have to leave?!

We had such an amazing time in Papua New Guinea. I am still working on getting our stories updated. We had trouble with internet and then trouble with  pictures but I’ve uploaded a couple now and will continue to do so – with or without pictures! – over the next few days.

Because it was amazing and you will love it.

It was hard to say goodbye but we are making the most of our time at home.

And I do mean the most.

Cookie baking most.

There’s something in this egg kinda most.

Making messes most.

It is sweet to be home… and I don’t just mean the chocolate. I mean, the richness of family. The fresh gratefulness for every single thing we have. The feeling that our bed… our house… our yard… is absolutely huge. And luscious. Grocery stores stocked with food. Friends next door.

And then there’s Jesus. This has been an incredible season to remember and reflect on His sweetness.

It is sweet to be home.

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3 thoughts on “The Sweetest Home, Sweet Home

  1. Hello again, I am so new at this blogging thing. I really like wordpress interface, but I am so confused…its more complicated & pricey than blogger. I have a more active (by a few more days – lol – but tons more pics) active in blogger
    ….and then, to make it even more confusing, I am re-making my wordpress one at
    ….I was reading your blog – very inspiring….anxious to read more. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog (one of them anyway – haha) Do you mind if I ‘follow’ you?

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