Making the News

“Every international story starts local. Every bystander is a witness. And every witness has a story to tell. Today’s technology is enabling their voices to be heard around the world and your voice could be one of them. When much of the international press was still days away from the heartbreak and heroes of the epicenter of the Haitian earthquake, Grassroots News reporters from within the community were already on the scene. When Sex slavery went unnoticed on the streets of America, our cameras exposed the injustice. So when the next big story is breaking out in your city or your village or your neighborhood, you could either stand on the sidelines, or you can make the news.”

This week, we are going to be training more than 20 of our staff in Grassroots News reporting. We’ve got some of the top print and television news reporters coming locally and linking in with more than 5 centres around the world to hear from major news networks about how we can help tell the story… and empower others to tell their own story!

My heart is so excited to be facilitating this training here in Townsville. Sure, the timing is awful. Jared is away and things have been crazy busy as it is! We will be finishing the course on Saturday and leaving for another country for almost a month the next day at 5am.

But I love what I am seeing around the world. In the midst of disaster, grassroots news reporters are telling Japan’s story… telling the stories of individuals and championing the rebuilding. What we’ve seen in Egypt and other parts of the middle east is heavily influenced by giving people a voice. Social media is playing an unprecedented role in shaping our society. Sure, there is some bad, but there is a whole lot of good to be had and I want to be a part of THAT!

If you’re interested in getting involved, this is not just for YWAM. Let me know!! In the mean time, be sure to check out the Grassroots News Website. There is some great stuff from Japan, Haiti and Egypt. And hopefully some from PNG soon too!!!




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