Have a Ball in PNG!

Okay, so this is a little bit last minute, but I WANT YOUR HELP!!

Max & I are off to PNG in just one week

We’re hoping to get to spend lots of time in the village helping to connect with other mothers and children, making new friends and also helping to provide education and training on basic primary health care and caring for children.

We are SO excited.

You may have heard that while I’m really excited, I’ve been struggling a lot!! Wrestling in my heart… in a good way!

The ship is stocked with medical supplies but I wanted to bring something along for FUN. Because fun and community and friendship are part of our basic human needs. And because I want to teach my little boy about generosity and friendship while we are there.

So here’s the deal, we want to collect balls to give to our new-found friends!! Since we’re flying in, we’ve found some flat packed blow up balls for $5 which will be perfect. We know they will go over so well with the kids there!!

Would you consider sponsoring a ball for $5?!

All you have to do is click here and you can donate via credit card. In the “recipient” category, simply type “HOOVER BALLS FOR PNG.”

Thanks heaps for bringing health – and FUN AND HAPPINESS – to the kids of PNG!!


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