Tropical Downpours and Dry-docked Ships

Amidst tropical downpours and dry docked ships, we Hoovers are doing well… missing each other like crazy… but doing well.

Jared is hard at work… when the ship is in dry dock there is not much time to rest. All the guys are on rotation on watch, making sure that all is safe, and because the ship can only be out of the water for a limited time, the work pretty much goes around the clock on shift work.

Talk about a learning curve! There aren’t many ships in country Wisconsin and my amazing farm boy is adding a new skill to his rapidly growing resume.

I don’t know how he does it. Truly. But it makes my heart go pitter patter!

And even though we miss him (Max is obsessed with kissing his picture over and over every night), we are making our own adventures… taking time to make life just a little more special… like playing in the suds at the car wash together, and grocery shopping at the farm store where they sell tiny chicks and baby ducks.

sudsy splashes

We’ve been beating the rain (yes, the actual wet season… the one where it rains non stop for days on end… finally decided to join us two months late) by playing at friends houses and making use of the awesome kids rooms at the 100%-free-for-residents Museum of Tropical North Queensland!! We even spent an afternoon with the McDonald’s play yard all to ourselves where Max played while Mommy wrote a grant.


Our friend Liz - grant writer and playmate extraordinaire!

Life has looked a bit different the past few weeks, but we are trying our best to make the most of it!

And smack dab in the middle of our 3 1/2 weeks apart, Jared popped in for a 2-day visit. Thank you, Frequent Flyer Miles. Max didn’t let him out of his sight the entire and my heart soared listening to the giggles of my two favourite boys playing together. Max took 3 hour naps so we spent the rainy days curled up on the couch with popcorn to watch not one but two movies! Hello?! Does it get better than that!?

my loves

We’re looking forward to joining Jared in PNG soon…!

From our happy family to yours...




One thought on “Tropical Downpours and Dry-docked Ships

  1. We love reading your updates, plus the pictures are incredibly cute. Can’t wait to follow your adventures to PNG and here the incredible stories. 🙂

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