Ship Shape

We’ve been spending the past few days down at the water. There’s been a little of this:

(Entertaining a toddler beside the wharf)

And a little of this:

(Walks along the wharf)

And a lot of hard work, sweat, hammering, sawing, and beautifying.

The results are stunning. Check out the new lounge on board:

With the ship being up in PNG for 6 months this year, we wanted to make it more liveable. The bunks are tiny and people need space to chill out, relax, and recharge. And trust me, this new lounge is really the ultimate place to hang out and refresh. Max & I are well aware. We’ve been bringing lunch down to Jared on a regular basis, enjoying some family time sliding down the wood floor on bean bags and tracking Jared’s progress as he gets our medical ship into… ship shape!

We waved them off yesterday as they sailed and word has it that its so smooth they started working on painting “our” cabin.

Yep, we renovated a little cabin and built in a cot for the three of us. Its all happening in three weeks and we are SO excited!!



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