Celebrating Life to the Max

Our big boy

One year.

We made it.

We’re all alive.

We still love each other.

madly in love


Big sigh of relief.

The past year was a big one for our family – the joy of welcoming our first born into the world, along with the joy of launching a medical ship ministry, and so many milestones in between.

And even though the grocery store was empty (I’m talking emptier than when the floods cut off our food supply), we still wanted to celebrate.

Because this little dude’s life is something to celebrate.

our first born

So when the power came back on, I pulled out all of our homemade decorations (made in InDesign and NOT word, thank you very much Stephen John Bryde and Justin Stud Claypool), and started cutting.

I also tried to bake… without butter… which was a terrible flop. I visited the store for three days straight until I found cake mix. (And all the party guests said, “Thank you, Lord.”)

And when nap time came, we taped and ribboned and plattered and surprised our boy with this:

a happy day indeed

His first birthday party.

Max seems like most kids – content to presume that most gatherings of people are all about him. But this day was special. A day of remembering the day this gorgeous boy came into our lives. Remembering the long nights of holding him while he cried. Remembering the mornings when his smile was so big our hearts exploded. Remembering his tiny little body scooting across the floor to reach for his ball. Remembering the way he would sleep on our laps during meetings. Remembering the day I put him in the play pen which was on the high setting and suddenly he was there standing. Remembering the games of peekaboo that had us rolling.

And remembering yesterday when we were wrestling and he was giggling and I burst into tears because he’s just. so. special.

And a day of celebrating the fact that we. did. it. Parenting is a tough gig. What was God thinking entrusting us with another life like that!? And as if the late nights or long days you question yourself aren’t enough, there are the off-handed comments and even outright criticism by well meaning friends and awkward strangers.

We’re not perfect parents. But you know what? We made it. And we have one amazing kid.

good manners "reading" the card, max

One thing’s for sure, we would not have survived quite so well without so many loved ones in our lives. The family who were on the other end of the phone at 4am (granted the time change does help with that one!), the friends who played with Max while Mommy had a meeting, the neighbours who took one look at our face and just knew we needed a hug… or maybe a date night.

But more than the support people have showed us, its the love they show our boy. It inspires us. Our hearts are bursting with gratefulness at the way you believe in him… believe in his destiny… the way you do life with him.

So here’s to you – and to us – and to the sweet little boy who helps us all live life to the max.

to you!!


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Life to the Max

  1. He is so dear! Happy belated Birthday, Max.
    I still wish we could have met him and seen you guys when you were here (but no ones fault except my own). Next time, I surely hope we will!

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