Too Tired To Write

Oh, we have so much we’d like to say but we are oh. so. tired!!

Cyclone Cleanup is in full swing and we are loving it but putting a lot of energy into things and needing some rest.

We look forward to updating you on all the things that have happened… the funny things, the scary things, and the downright strange things. After all, we have just been through one of the worst storms in recorded history in this region.

It will come. We promise. For now, we’re off to bed for some much needed rest.

We have a big weekend ahead… including our boy’s first birthday party. We thought about cancelling it. After all, even though the grocery store opened this afternoon, the chip aisle is completely empty and its pretty hard to have a party with YWAMers and not have chips!

However, our prayer has always been that our little man would be one to bring life to others and the truth is, in the midst of great disaster, we are looking forward to celebrating life with our friends… even without chips.

Thanks for your prayers. They are so appreciated. Oh, and please enjoy this video of some of the cleanup around the neighbourhood today!!


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