This Cyclone Yasi Update Brought to You by The Hoovers

Well, we don’t want this to turn into a weather blog but we really wanted to write and ask for your prayers with this weather! As you know, the storm on the weekend (Cyclone Anthony) downgraded and did not cross the shore with much damage at all. (Yeah!)

We are now tracking another cyclone – Yasi. Its a good thing that Jared & Max prepared on the weekend as we were already ready for this storm!

my hunk-a-spunks

This storm is significantly larger, and in fact, possibly the largest storm to ever hit the Queensland coast. While it does not look like the eye of the storm will hit us, we will have a lot of rain and wind. Many people have been asking us whether we will be evacuating. Our house and ministry centre are actually located along a big hill so we do not need to evacuate at this time! (Yeah!)

We live in that white circle surrounded by blue!!

In fact, we have prepared fully, flashlights, matches, portable stoves, candles, board games, water, food… and even some comfort food! 😉 (Which was on the list of things to have available!!)

The rain and wind have started and there is anticipation and caution in our heart – we must be wise and prepared. But we are not afraid! We are bunkering down in our home within the next hour where we will stay until the storm passes. This is the safest way to ride it all out and we’ll look forward to some cozy family time!

We appreciate your prayer for our family, for our ministry centre, and for the communities of North Queensland.

We anticipate losing power sometime today or tomorrow but will endeavour to keep you updated as we can. Don’t get worried if you don’t hear from us! We will most likely be just fine enjoying dunkaroos and card games!


The Hoovers


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