The Meat In a Cyclone Sandwich…

** UPDATE ** Before you read on, you should know that this cyclone headed for Perth dissipated into a big storm and the one headed here is looking to hit further south with less population. Of course, still appreciate prayers for our neighbours! 🙂 Thanks for praying!

Well, as if the flooding a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, it is still wet season/cylcone season here in North Queensland and we find ourselves in the middle of a cyclone sandwich.

Bianca is headed to Perth (where we have a YWAM centre) and Anthony is headed straight to Townsville, where we live.

As of late last night, it was headed right for our neighbourhood…

The reality is, we get cyclone warnings every year and in our area, we have yet (since we lived here) to experience anything majorly destructive. However, better safe than sorry and today will be spent taking necessary precautions for our family and the nearly 200 staff and students on our centre.

As we prepare, we’d like to invite you to pray with us. We love a good storm but we’d pray that this would dissipate and would not be damaging when it crosses land. Those interested can track the cyclone at

Thanks for praying!!


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