The Day I Cried in the Grocery Store

You’ve seen the pictures.

Utter devastation.

Its hard to believe that this level of disaster has happened so close to us. That people we know had answering machines that said, “Sorry we can’t get back to you. We haven’t had power for two weeks.” That friends of friends lost houses and cars… and even loved ones.

I think we can all get a bit desensitised to news reports… like when we were in the midwest in one of winter’s “worst storms” but we totally got out fine. I love the news but it can be a bit… dramatic?

But sometimes life is dramatic.

This was our grocery store. Oh, there was food. But you had to go looking for it. And it definitely what you wouldn’t normally buy. Some weeks there were apples; others there were peaches. Somedays there was milk; somedays orange juice. Some days the meat trays were all the way empty.

Its amazing the things we take for granted.

And so, in the midst of devastation, we made it a point to be grateful. For three weeks as we wondered what food we’d be able to buy and eat, we prayed for those who wondered if they’d find their loved ones. When we were craving chicken, we thought of those who didn’t know if they’d have a home left.

Because even those $10 cauliflower heads came at a price… flown in by men in green uniforms on camo helicopters.

And that’s why, this weekend, when I went to the grocery store and it was almost all the way stocked, I cried.

Yes, the prices were still way too high. And no, they still don’t have celery or greens beyond iceburg lettuce…

But there was food. And there were people. And we were there to feed our families.

We still get to feed our families.

The infrastructures we have in this life we enjoy are paper thin. We place a lot of trust in commerce and transport. And it works… most of the time.

But when it doesn’t, it causes us to reflect and be grateful and maybe even consider what we could do to help someone else who doesn’t have access to milk and carrots and bread at the drop of a hat.


3 thoughts on “The Day I Cried in the Grocery Store

  1. You are close to the devastated area are you? We take so much for granted, don’t we? Thankful you are all safe. Loving the pics of Max climbing around now too.

  2. You are close to the flood area are you? Thankful you are all safe. We do take things for granted don’t we? Enjoying the pics of Max climbing around too. He is getting so big.

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