Dear Relatives,

Okay. Our relatives are AWESOME. To the Martins, the Wislers, the Kings, the Bears and more… we must say… Facebook did not do you justice. We like you a lot and were so glad to meet you in person.

To Auntie Ann – are you Martha Stewart? Because only she would bake 73 different types of cookies in one day… and then declare a batch of chocolate dipped pretzels not very good because of a misplaced grain of salt and force us to eat them. All of them. Thank you for making us fat and for stuffing Max’s face with sugar while we had our backs turned. You are everything a great aunt should be. Just don’t let Max know we said so.

The Wislers

To Uncle Greg – you are not only our hero for holding the land-speed record (Top Gear has yet to get back to us on that interview)… we also are astonished by the grace you had to drive in a blizzard with a sleepy baby… and get us to the airport in once piece… in body and in heart. You’re awesome.

To the Kings – you remind us of Carolyn so much. From your sweet thoughtful gifts, to the bear hugs… you just make us smile. Thank you for making that long drive so we could meet you. Our hearts are complete.

Because bear hugs are awesome

To the Young Kings – little did we know Jared’s cousin married such a cool, fun girl or that you were expecting what will probably be the cutest baby ever. We like you and decided that if we lived in Indiana, we would want to be friends with you. Please find an excuse to come to Australia. Its not really as far as it looks on the map.

Evidently we didn't make the cut...

To Grandma Charlotte – you rock. You’re every bit as sweet as those cards you faithfully send us. A picture with you and Max is really one of our favourite treasures.

Three generations

To the Bears – you guys are nuts. But you knew that. And you make us want to be nuts too. We’ll never try making candy again. Because we suck at it and were told that to our faces. Okay. WE don’t suck. But I suck and I’m writing this and I’m taking everyone else down with me. We’ll keep blaming the temperature of that stone and call it sabotage and secretly wish we could be there with you next year having another go. And hopefully we won’t ruin a brand new stove that time.

Drool mobile dancing with his second cousins twice removed... or something like that

To Dale & Ruth – thank you for ordering the biggest pizza we’ve ever seen in our entire life. You are our heros. It is bigger than anything we ever dreamed and still wonder whether it was a figment of our imagination. The bed is made and the hammer is ready to kick off your Australian walk-about. What time does your flight get in!? Oh, and your kids rock too.

California. Wisconsin. Indiana. We are three for three… onto Washington we go.


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