Oh Come All Ye (UN)Faithful

Its been one of those years. Big. Awesome. Challenging. Wonderful. Hard.

Its been one of those years that takes it out of you a bit. Like the end of a marathon… when you know you’ve accomplished something great… but it feels like you’ve just taken a massive beating.

Not that I would know, having never run one. But I ran a 10k once and in the midst of feeling like an Olympic Champion receiving a gold medal and giant bouquet of roses as I dab at my tears and listen to the Star Spangled Banner, I also felt like I’d been run over by a truck. So I can only imagine what you’d feel like after a marathon.

And what I imagine is a little like how I feel.

Good. Awesome. Great. Weary. Crusty. Dry.

And that’s why singing my baby to sleep as we road-tripped across the home of that Great Star Spangled Banner was the best thing I could ever do.

Christmas carol after sweet Christmas carol – or should I say amazing worship song after worship song – my heart melted. And was restored. And refreshed.

I rejoiced. Silent tears fell remembering that silent night.

My heart craved heavenly peace – and the One who gave His life for it.

I remembered that He does call us to come… the faithful… and the unfaithful.

Because He wants us all. He came for us all.

My heart is singing and I hope with all that is in me that THIS Christmas – this joy in my heart – will last all year.

Yes, pleas

Yes, please. I'd love a bit of that Heavenly Peace!


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