Can You Guess Where We Are?

Wind. Pizza. Socks… (er, Sox). Did that give it away? Bulls… Cubs…

Yep, we made a mad dash to Chicago on the way to Indiana to meet Jared’s relis!

And, like any good tourist would do, we woke up, ate a continental breakfast at the motel and scoured the brochures in the lobby for a good idea on how to spend the day.

The boys planning our day

I have never seen my husband so excited as he was about this card.

Lincoln Park Zoo. Always Open. Always Free.

“We’re going to the zoo,” he triumphantly declared! And off we went.

Despite the fact that this zoo is like a giant park in the middle of the city, it was freezing (literally) and snowing and the place was absolutely creepy and empty.

Ahhh... body heat

We decided to brave it anyway and we are oh so glad we did. What an amazing day! This place is the best and having an entire zoo to yourself is … ummm … awesome. The seal show was more like the seal chat as we huddled up with the zoo keepers.

And the lions? Yeah… when no one is around they really like to show off and roar super loud.

And the baby? Well, he thought it was cute to roar back.

Pretty sure the lion won the roaring contest. But I think the mommy and daddy were the real winners because what mommy and daddy doesn’t love to watch their kid being ridiculously cute roaring at a lion?


And how’s this for adorable?? These two couldn’t keep their eyes and hands off each other. It was seriously hard to pull ourselves away from the window and if it wasn’t nap time, we might’ve stayed there all day.


And while Max slept, we took a visit to Africa, and Australia, and the great North West and even the North Pole. We learned about animals we’ve never heard of and marvelled at our Creator.

Finally found the giraffes

We made mad dashes through the snowy outdoors into heated buildings and frolicked like two kids in love and laughed when we caught two other kids in love making out in the aviary. (Ooops… maybe we didn’t have the entire zoo to ourselves!)

And we ended our day like any good Chicago tourist would… with a pizza.

Pepperoni Rocks My World

Pepperoni Rocks My World



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