A Cold Welcome

We touched down in the land of panthers, blizzards and cheese to the tune of chapped cheeks, goose bumps… and chest colds.

Jared could not resist

We expected wintery Wisconsin to be cold and embarked on a steep learning curve remembering what its like to care for dry skin (we live in the tropics!!) and figuring out the ever-growing mystery of how to keep socks on baby feet (We remain unsuccessful as of yet, the fact of which is pointed out to us anytime we go out in public. Yes, we do realise our child’s nose is dripping down to his belly button, its 7 degrees outside and he is barefoot! We are, indeed “those” parents… woops.)

First taste of snow

But despite the weather and a nasty flu, our hearts were warmed by these:

A Big Welcome to US

A welcome banner bigger than bikipsy!

And these faces… which actually resemble angels, if you ask me. Wait until they talk. Your sides will be aching from laughter.

Little Cherub

We got in trouble for drinking fresh milk… only because it took Jared more than 30 seconds to open the fridge to get the glass out. We ate pancake breakfasts that lingered into taco salad lunches.

We drank London fogs and played settlers.

We laughed at Max entertaining the dinner party crowd by playing peek-a-boo with the fancy table cloth which was covered by a gorgeous dinner spread. Fortunately expectations of table manners for a 10 month old are quite minimal.

We huddled on the couch with brothers and sisters to beat all those top scoring Facebookers on Family Feud and we gave points to each other because that’s what family does.

Are we winning, Dad!?

We had fellowship dinners and ate one of my top three favourite foods – potluck casseroles. (Pour a can of cream of mushroom soup over just about anything, cover it with cheese, and bake it and I will be your friend for life. I could eat comfort foods forever.)

We cheered the alma mater and the awesome uncle at his very first varsity basketball game (What senior starts basketball his senior year and still gets to play in the opening game?? Apparently someone with the name Jordan and the number 23.)

Love me some Grandpa John!

We made gingerbread houses and went to elementary school Christmas plays.

Mmmm... candy.

We drank tea, we had chats, we made memories, and watched dreams come true.

Thanks Wisconsin.

You’re cold. But you warm our hearts.


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