And the winner is…

Wow, it has really been a whirlwind since we left! How do you have meaningful conversations with 100 people in one weekend… while you look after a jet-lagged baby?

Seriously. Can someone tell me? We’ve only got a few more weeks to get this down-pat!

Make-shift high chair

We had an amazing time in LA with so many friends and family. We saw high school friends, old YWAM buddies, and more cousins than we can count.

Max decided that great grandparents are the best. Especially when GG plays ball… and Grandpa John lets him play (walk) with his walker.


Love playing ball... especially with GG & Lil

These two could not get enough of each other!

A highlight was of course, the First Annual Broms Family Chilli Cook-Off. The voting may (or may not) have been jigged by a certain someone who wanted the Australians to win but hey… we’re not complaining. We love a good competition… And we love gold sparkly hats for first prize. Say hello to Max’s new favourite toy.

Yummiest dinner ever!

The evening was capped off by transforming GG & Papa’s living room into a legit movie theatre and screening Toy Story 3… the kiddos on pillows on the floor, the grownups on chairs… and Max, dancing away for the first 10 minutes straight of the movie looking at the tiny TV instead of the big screen. He was in a world all his own … until he saw the flashing green lights on the speakers and we had to take him out of the room to avoid a major melt-down which would certainly follow the repeated temptation of flashing green speaker lights.

Pass the popcorn... or gingersnap cookies!!

Movies and chilli cook-offs aside, the real winner was… our amazing family… And especially our Ado for organising the whole thing.

It did our hearts good to reconnect, if only for a little while and made us love you so much more. We didn’t even know that was possible.

You guys are number one.

Enough Said.


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