Because When the Music Plays, We Dance

Oh my goodness. Having a 9 month old baby has to be one of the best things in the world. I love how every simple thing is the most exciting thing that could ever happen.

Mom’s pulling out the oatmeal to make me breakfast?! (I AM SQUEALING SO LOUD WIGH EXCITEMENT THAT I’M ALMOST HYPERVENTILATING!)

We just walked through that door and there is a PERSON on the other side!? (OKAY, I’VE TOTALLY STOPPED BREATHING BECAUSE THAT IS JUST THE COOLEST THING EVER!)

Mom was hiding on the other side of the couch and I found her?! (DUDE, THIS DAY JUST NOT GET ANY BETTER!)

And then there’s the dancing.

I never realised how much music was around the place… until the flailing arms started reminding me – with every ring of the telephone, with every accidental “play” of one of those musical toys (which I think are quite creepy how they sometimes go off when the entire family is in another room, by the way), with every elevator-style background song in the camping store.

These are Max’s favourite moment. And he loves them. And to him, the only thing better than dancing… is when mom and dad dance too.

And can I tell you, I LOVE IT! I mean seriously (except when you were on a high school youth group trip and even then it was iffy, you just didn’t realise), when else do you get to dance down the aisles of a store and its not only socially acceptable…people actually think its kind of cute and funny… except when its cracking your 9 month old baby up as he grooves a move on top of his daddy’s shoulders.

Yep, 9 month old babies are pretty much the best thing in the world.


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