Seasons Change

I love Townsville, where we live. We are surrounded by the reef and the rainforest, have a view of a tropical island on one side and hilly bush walking trails on the other side. Its gorgeous.

On the other hand, palm trees don’t change colours.

Yes, we are relatively season-less. Around these parts, we have two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. They also may be called the wet season or the wetter season.

Sometimes this is a wonderful blessing. I mean, we have 70 degree weather through most of the year. It is beautiful.

Sometimes, though, I long for the seasons… if only for the reminder that the world we’re in is always changing. Summer is warm, but it gives way to a crisp fall. And when fall starts to look like death, winter comes and makes it beautiful and white and pure. And when winter starts to feel dark and empty, spring brings the promise of new life.

We are in an interesting season right now.

We’re calling it “Seminar Season.” Its three weeks of madness, inspiration, revelation, and preparation.

We’re having reunions, making new friends, learning about the past, considering the present, and dreaming about the future. We’re giving. We’re receiving. We’re converging and convening.

We are seminaring.

There is more going on than we could describe here so have a look into what this means for us:

SLINGSHOT Leadership Seminar – Jared has joined 30 others from 9 different nations spanning every continent to receive some intensive leadership training from some of YWAM’s most impacting leaders. The training is aimed at young leaders who have served within YWAM for a period of time and growing in their vision and service to help catapult them into the future. Jared’s take-home message so far:

“The principles of leadership are not that complicated, but its maintaining the right attitude and perspective long term that can be a challenge.”

YWAM Marine Reach Global Summit is a gathering of YWAM ship projects around the globe. We welcomed around 50 people from Europe, New Zealand, Australia and beyond to celebrate the amazing things that have happened around the world and to also consider how we can strengthen one another in the future. Rebekah’s take home message so far:

“It was so significant to see the ship handed over to YWAM Australia officially. Its also been really insightful to see where our YWAM ship cousins are up to around the globe.”

YWAM Australia National Leaders Meeting is one of our favourite events which generally happens twice a year. We love hosting it in Townsville as we welcome several hundred of our YWAM Aus family from around the world. Its also a chance to open our home to billet guests and really get to love on some very faithful friends who are doing an incredible work.

In the midst of this, we have also welcomed three new training schools – the October DTS, a Primary Health Care School, and the School of Music in Missions.

AND, we’re also hosting some events to thank all of our partners, sponsors and key stakeholders from the community.

Between Rebekah’s trip to America, Jared’s evening lectures, and all of the above, we really are quite exhausted. And yet at the same time, we recognise that its a season… and a significant one at that. If we don’t pick the fruit now, it will go off. And this is definitely a moment in history we don’t want to miss!

So we’re picking the fruit, eating it, and determining to enjoy it. And hey, if you’ve ever been around YWAM leaders much, you’d know there is a LOT to enjoy. This is memory-making of HISTORIC proportions!

We covet your prayer as we enjoy this life, these friends, these moments for all they’re worth!

And when its all over, we’ll covet a hot drink and good chat to hear all about how you are doing… possibly in person! Our trip to America is just around the corner!!

See you soon. We can barely wait! 🙂


One thought on “Seasons Change

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