All In the Family

What is it about family?

Is it the subtle similarities in the olive skin tones? The fact that despite having four distinct natural hair colours (black, brown, blonde and red), the noses are so similar? Or the fact that the tone of voices are so similar that even Daddy could never tell them apart on the phone?

The familiarity is intoxicating. Refreshing. Comforting.

For me. And for my baby boy.

My heart soared as I saw him see his Aunties for the first time. And not just the fact that he lit up when he saw them. But the fact that he continued to reach out for them, laugh at their goofy faces, and kiss them over and over and over again.

It was like… despite the fact that eight months is way too long to go without meeting people who love you so much… he knew them. He loved them without a thought.

Did he sense their unconditional love? Did he understand the depth of the meaning of family – that if anything ever happened to Mommy and Daddy these people would swoop him up and do anything for him? Did that gorgeous olive skin remind him of Daddy? Or did those songs sound just like Mommy singing (but a little better!)?

As a mother, you don’t generally leave your child with a stranger. But what is it about leaving your child with family that makes it feel like… its almost you. Like there is 100% no worry that your child will not be totally cared for and loved.

The depth of safety and familiarity and confidence is perhaps something that some take for granted. But after longing for it from 9,463 miles away, it is something that I cherished.

Three days has never gone so fast… or lingered so sweetly.

Thank you, you gorgeous girls with multi coloured hair, olive skin, and slightly ski-sloped noses.

We love you.


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