I am SO proud

I know, I know… I need to tell you all about our amazing trip to America and how NO ONE likes to sit next to a crying baby.

I’ll get there. I promise I will. And when I do you’ll understand why its taken a few days! Let’s just say I’m coming off a steep learning curve of caring for a jet-lagged baby, while jet-lagged myself, and working full time in an amazingly crazy time that we’re in!

These are days worth pouring our energy into though and we are quite determined to enjoy every minute (except the ones in which we stop to cry out of exhaustion before moving on… but there have only been 1 or 2 of those!)

Anyway, I’m proud. Wanna know why? Its because of these guys:

R to L - Nick, Joanna, Stephanie

I’ve worked with these guys for over 4 years now. And they are incredibly creative. Sometimes I look at what they do and feel 100% unworthy to be called their “leader.”

But, if I can give words, context, and audience to their incredible photography and videography so we can make a difference together, well that would be my privilege and pleasure.

But enough of the goop.

The thing is, these amazing three just spent 6 weeks in PNG capturing some amazing photography and video footage. There is more to come and share from that which I know you will love, but I thought I’d give you a sneak preview on some gorgeous albums from the lovely Stephanie (click on the photo to see the album):

A Welcome to Remember

The Gift of Sight

Have a look, enjoy and be proud with me… of these three…

and of yourself! Because its people like you who make all this possible. Not just the picture-taking part… the world-changing part.

But more on that…



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