Thickening My Skin

Let’s face it. I’m not the first to do this and I certainly won’t be the last.

But for me? This is an adventure. An unknown. Something that could go really really good… or really really… ummm… adventurous.

Tomorrow I board a plane… (done that before)

with my baby… (done that too)

without my husband… (yes, done that as well)

for a 13 hour flight… (no, haven’t done this combo before!)

If Max was one of those sleepy babies, I’d be smokin’… but he’s not. He’s one of those life of the party kinda kids… and there is every chance in the world he will want to party for the entire 13 hours surrounded by all kinds of weird and wonderful people!

But I’m doing it.

And I’m doing it for something a lot greater than me.

We’re heading to the Global Forum on Human Trafficking. We’re only in the country for three days. That means that we’ll be travelling almost as much as we’ll be staying put.

But you know what? Our exhaustion will no where near compare to the people we will be learning about.

The ones who get taken from their mommys and daddys and put on big planes and into dark rooms with selfish men who have their way with them…

The ones we just might get to help save.

Our time… our sleep… yes, even our sanity… is well worth the lives of these precious ones.

In the words of my doctor, I’m bracing myself for the humiliation of a crying baby on a big plane and thickening my skin so I’m not bothered by the glaring looks just in case he decides  to keep them awake… and getting ready to go hard core for three days… (thanks to Julia and Amy for watching their little nephew!)…

Because I – no WE – are getting ready ready to save some lives…

And we are going to laugh and enjoy every minute of it!

Have Baby... Will Travel


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