Born In Paradise

Hannah Peart and Jennifer Perry were excited to be heading back to one of their favourite villages last week after visiting there last year. Ero is its official name but they dubbed it “paradise” and were telling the ship’s crew and allied health workers about the beautiful waterfalls and fabulous people.

When they arrived, Ero and its villagers delivered.

On their last visit late last year, Hannah and Jenn assisted a woman in labour. After a long battle, the woman ended up needing a cesarean. Unfortunately, the girls were unable to stay for the surgery and left the village wondering what happened to the woman and her child.

As Hannah was in the neighbouring village of Wowo recently, a man approached her with a familiar line, “Are you the nurse Hannah from Australia who was here last year?!”

When she confirmed his question, he was so excited. He was the father of the woman we had helped through labour several months ago. He went away and came back with his daughter… and her healthy baby boy.

What a joy to meet this healthy little boy born in paradise.


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