Why Husbands are Better than Boyfriends

The other night I was having coffee with two of my favourite girls. The conversation ebbed and flowed, twisted and turned and after loads of laughs and inside jokes and the obligatory, “How are you… really?” the conversation settled to that old familiar rut:


I. love. boy. talk.

And that’s why I love girls with boyfriends.

We talked about so and so’s recent first date at the super fancy restaurant and how they carried on and chatted until way after dinner was over. We talked about another so and so’s lengthy love notes (not the detail of course, but oh the joy of receiving them). We talked about that talk you have when you first get in a relationship and can share with your lovely all the secret moments of hope and joy and love in the pre-relationship relationship. We talked about the sweetest and silliest nick names. (Cherry Blossom anyone?)

It was delightful.

I came home on a love high and Jared was looking at me like a crazy woman walking on air as he asked, “What did you guys talk about?!”

I flopped onto the couch as if I was floating down onto the clouds and sighed, “Booooys.”

“Boys?” he questioned, “What is there to talk about?”

So I told him about the fancy dinners and the meaningful talks and the long love letters and the sweet nicknames.

“Man,” he said, shaking his head in mock defeat, “Boyfriends are hard to compete with.”

That stopped me dead in my lovey dovey tracks.

Because in some ways, boyfriends are hard to compete with. But deep down? Husbands have all the standard features of a good boyfriend with some major pluses. In my opinion, husbands are WAY better than boyfriends.

  1. Husbands never have to say goodnight.
  2. Husbands provide round the clock pest control.
  3. Husbands give you another bank account.
  4. Husbands wake up to walk you to the bathroom in the dark when you’re camping.
  5. Husbands are there to hold your hair first thing in the morning when you’re throwing up from morning sickness
  6. Husbands rock the baby to sleep when you’re too exhausted to think straight.
  7. Husbands are always generous with their muscles (can opener, and furniture mover extraordinaires!)
  8. Husbands have a knack for fixing everything from the broken cupboard door to the creepy noise you heard in the middle of the night.
  9. Husbands make the best roommates and the best friends.
  10. Husbands are ever-understanding when you need a night with your girlfriends… to talk about boys.

I reminded Jared of just *some* of the reasons why husbands are better than boyfriends and that night, as I drifted off to sleep, I heard him say,

“I love you, Cherry Blossom.”

Yeah... I love boy talk.


6 thoughts on “Why Husbands are Better than Boyfriends

  1. Oh Swedish beauty, I miss you too. Shall we have our baby girls now so in 12 years they can spend their summer together? PS – If I could get you hooked up with some fashion connections in Australia, would your magazine send you here?

  2. Hi Jared and Rebekah!

    How are you?

    I wanted to say how things have changed so beautifully over the years! Jared, I knew your mom Carolyn Martin years ago back in 1996 at MSC. I was wondering how she is doing nowadays. She can email me at mcv@usa.com. I will then send her my FB and more detailed info. I was wondering if she still had that little tiger I gave her. LOL!
    A lot has changed on my journey but I am more spiritually stronger than ever in my life.

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