Almost Famous.

On 6:30 Tuesday morning we were drawn to our entryway window by the sounds of incessant splashing.

I looked outside and all I could see were teenage boys. Dripping wet teenage boys emerging from our swimming pool.

“We don’t place a big priority on hygiene.” one of them told me with a cheeky grin. After all, why would you want to shower when you  could take a quick dunk in a tropical saltwater pool surrounded by palm trees?

Welcome to our world for the next three weeks.

It is Mission Adventures season here at YWAM and for the next three weeks, we will have groups of high school youth rotating in and out of our centre as they learn more about different people groups and how to engage their faith serving them. We have the privilege of hosting the boys in the self-contained unit below our house.

And evidently I also have the (privilege?) of washing their clothes in our shared washing machine. I’m still not certain who threw their clothes in with ours. (Jed? Andrew? Phil?)

The first group of boys and their teachers have been so lovely, as have the DTS students who have been living downstairs to look after them.

Everyone is making such a big deal about being quiet to let Max sleep that he has practically become famous around here. Everywhere I go someone is saying, *delightful gasp* “Is that Max!?”

Its been great to hear some of the stories of the youth who have come – and their teachers – and to see them so eager to not only have their own life impacted but also impact others.

We were reunited with a lovely student we met last year. I was pregnant. Her mama was pregnant. And we found out this week that our babies were born on the exact same day. So special and sweet.

These are definitely some awesome groups of world changers.

And we get the privilege of watching… helping… and praying.

What. a. joy.

Do good, guys! We’re cheering for ya…


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