The Adventures of World Changing

Our days seem to be full of adventures lately – the making of family memories mixed with a bit of world changing.

Adventure Baby

If you haven’t heard yet, our medical ship has picked up a new partner – one of the national football teams. You can read more about it here. We’ve done a few joint promotions but this past weekend, we were promo-ed at a home game. So fun.


It was Max’s first rugby game. I’m proud to say that after eating dinner on Mommy’s lap (do they have Rafferty’s Garden in the States? Best on-the-go baby food ever… as said by a mom who makes 98% of her baby’s food), he slept through it. Yep, right there in the Baby Bjorn, sleeping away on Daddy’s chest. (Do they make those adult-sized?) Even though we left early the on-the-go sleep also meant he woke up at 4 the next morning… and never went back to sleep. (Lord, have mercy… please???)


But back to the world changing. It was a great evening… sharing that the medical ship that so many had toured with school groups, community groups, and even corporate groups… actually is in PNG and seeing hundreds of people… and yes, handing out the very eyeglasses and toothbrushes that they donated. I loved hearing the reactions…

Like the kids who really wanted to win a free “I WANT TO LIVE” badget on the spin-to-win… the sneaky ones who came back twice hoping for a tshirt too. The moms who said, “Oh so that’s why we had to bring toothpaste to school…” And the grandma who said, “Yes, my granddaughter told me about that.” And the man who filled out a reference form for a girl he employs to come onboard to serve. And the PNG people who were visiting town and reminded me, “Please… bring more malaria nets… we really really need them.”

It is a privilege to impact a nation.

It is a privilege to impact a life.

1,089 of them so far to be exact.

I was also so proud to send my friend to the centre of the field to share about what we do while I knelt down to take picture and stained the knee of my jeans with field marking paint. One of the best things about what we do is the people we get to do it with. And one of the best things about my job is that I get to make them shine. My girl made me proud.

My girl Fi

It may not have been the most restful of weekends…. but it sure was a satisfying one. I’m going to bed tonight tired… but grateful… and hoping that 4am was a fluke.

Oh those boys...


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