Winter Lovin’

We’ve been taking advantage of the awesome winter weather we’ve been having. (Read: 70 degrees and next to no humidity – HALLELUJAH!)

Gorgeous Aussie Bush

We spent today out in the rainforest enjoying the company of our friends Ken, and Robyn and Gus & Catie who are visiting from the States. Catie led both Jared & my DTS so even though we do not see her often, she will always have a special place in our heart.

Catie and Max

The April DTS are still away on outreach. Our Outback Queensland team have been going so well. They did nine – yes nine – religious education classes in one day last week! What rippers! We’re so proud of them!

The PNG team is also doing amazingly. They have seen some wonderful results from their time in Port Moresby and just today arrived in Kerema to welcome the YWAM Medical Ship, which is now officially on its first medical outreach in PNG!

The ship arrived into the Gulf Province today, fully staffed with a volunteer medical team. The Governor mentioned that the welcome put on by the people of the province was the biggest welcome they’ve ever seen. We are so excited to hear how the first two weeks go and will be reporting soon! In the mean time, if you’d like to see where its at, go to: and choose “PACIFIC SOUTH” on the “Go to Area” menu and then “PACIFIC LINK” on the vessel menu.

Lil Toother


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