Outreach In Focus: Thursday Island

Beautiful Thursday Island

If it looks like a beautiful island paradise, that’s because it is! But people live on beautiful island paradises too. And people need love… so to beautiful island paradises we go!

Two weeks ago while we were in Cairns, we also sent off an outreach team from the wonderful April Discipleship Training School that Jared has been leading. After spending the week in Cairns sharing with high school students, the team sailed off to Thursday Island where they have spent the last week.

Saying goodbye...

TI (as its commonly referred to) is part of Australia but it is a world away. Off the coast of Australia, it is far more like the stereotypical Pacific Islands rather mainland Australia.

And the people are GORGEOUS.

Precious Ones!

Known as Torres Strait Islanders (Thursday Island is one of the Torres Strait Islands) they are generous, loving, fun and one of our favourite people groups in the entire country.

The team, led by our good friends Johannes and Shauna (who have been staffing the DTS with Jared) have had a great week walking around the Island, being immersed in a totally different culture, making new friends, sharing in schools and helping build hope around the message “I WANT TO LIVE.”

The Fabulous Team

Thursday Island is very close to Papua New Guinea. In fact, many of the Torres Strait people look very similar to people from the region of PNG that is nearby. So much so that there is actually a treaty that allows PNG people who live in that region to come in their little tinnies to the Torres Strait for health care, etc. We hope to collaborate with both the Australian & PNG stakeholders in taking the ship to PNG.

A bigger ship will make a BIG difference


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