Sail Away! (Our trip on the YWAM Medical Ship)

For those who are eagerly awaiting the news – all three Hoovers had a vomit-free voyage to Cairns last weekend. In fact, it was arguably the most beautiful sail of the entire YWAM Australia & PNG Ship Tour. We felt like we were on a luxurious cruise as opposed to the incredible medical ship we were actually on. The hospitality of the Captain and crew were amazing – complete with chocolates on our bed when we arrived. This amazing group of people are fast becoming wonderful friends and coworkers.

Family adventure

We were waved off on the voyage by heaps of our friends as we left 1 The Strand, Townsville and sailed into the distance loaded up on Dramamine and Ginger Beer! We sailed into a beautiful sunset on our way to Cairns and loved feeling the wind in our hair as we scooted along the high seas.

Apparently Mommies are VERY funny

The trip was not without lots of laughs. On our way to bed at 7:00pm (thank you motion sickness pills), a fish JUMPED THROUGH THE WINDOW OF THE SHIP. Yes, you read that right. A fish jumped through the window!! It landed on sweet Kathryn – who looks after the housekeeping and hospitality on board. (Thanks for the chocolates!) We thought it was the crew playing a joke on the newbies but it was no joke. Maybe he just needed a little dental work done?

Our little stowaway

Max had an absolute blast. Because he’s crawling around everywhere, we couldn’t leave him alone for naps (mama kept picturing him scooting right off the side of the ship… pretty impossible, but still…)  so we chucked him in the Baby Bjorn for every sleep and he was a happy sailor.

Long naps on Daddy's chest

We spent free time playing games while Max scrubbed the deck. (what a helper!) He definitely got the dirtiest I think he’s every been.

Our little deckhand

Right when we pulled into Cairns, people started walking over to ask what this ship was all about. IMMEDIATELY we had the opportunity to share what is happening in PNG and how we can help. This is what its all about!!

What a view!

We also had a few hours to explore as a family. We left at Max’s bedtime so he’d sleep in the car on the way home (a five hour drive is not much fun for a 5 month old!) so we took the extra time to explore Cairns for a couple of hours. How stoked were we to find a store selling rootbeer! We hopped over to Hungry Jacks for some 50 cent cones in a cup and voila – ROOTBEER FLOATS! What a treat!!

Yummy treats

We travelled on the ship for a bit of adventure, but we also wanted to be able to say “WE’VE DONE IT” so that we can say to you “COME DO IT!” Seriously. If you’re looking for an outreach opportunity next year, think about coming to stay with us for a couple of days and then heading to PNG for 2 weeks. It is SUCH an incredible work and we’d love to have you!!

Come sail with us!

Coming soon… a video tour of the YWAM Medical Ship with the Hoovers…


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