I’m have a very inarticulate memory, but one of my favourite quotes is about how things either keep growing or they die. Its so true about life.

Today while Jared was doing a car wash to help raise money for the April DTS’s outreach, Max and I (along with our friend Alana) planted a herb garden. The plants were a fantastic birthday gift from an incredibly thoughtful and perceptive friend.

And though I am possibly the farthest removed from a greenthumb you’ll ever meet, something within me wants to be an amazing gardener. I love using fresh herbs in our cooking. I love growing our own food. And I feel so frugal and accomplished and healthy knowing that it has come from our own garden.

I especially love walking to my house and seeing things growing and alive… like my little garden. Something in my heart comes alive with the freshness of it all.

We were made to continue grow too. Sometimes I look back on the past 7 years we’ve been affiliated with YWAM and I am amazed. I think I always thought that one day we would become. That we would grow to a point and just flow on from there. But in reality, the more that we grow, the more I realise we are on a very long journey.

Our vision is greater than it ever has been and part of my wonders how it could get any bigger at all.

But I know it will. If it doesn’t grow, it will die.

Max is growing too. After a month of him chomping at us every time we were eating, swallowing (approved) bites of Mommy’s dinner very well, chewing on EVERYTHING in site as if it were the yummiest meal he’d ever had, and being able to sit up on his own for 10 minutes, I decided it was time. I bought brown rice and a week later finally got around to grinding it in a friend’s coffee grinder (after several useless minutes attempting with our $5 garage sale food processor).

Even though I was prepared by all the books to not worry when he spit most of it out and didn’t swallow, he pretty much ate everything I gave him, leaving only a tiny bit in the bottom of his green froggy bib.

My boy is growing.

This often makes me sad. It amazes me that I can be holding him in my arms and simultaneously missing the newborn he once was. But I know that its life. That its good. He has brought so much life to Jared & me. And I know that there are so many more lives he has to impact.

So, it is with a bittersweet sigh I say today,

Grow on sweet smelling herb garden…

Grow on vision…

And grow on my precious little boy…


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